Expat Life, Parenting November 15, 2016

Awakening to President-elect Trump

The day of the US presidential election, my Facebook world was abuzz with guarded, but giddy, optimism. People feeling good, joining Pantsuit Nation, photographing themselves voting with their kids and grandparents, and placing their “I voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave.

Feminism, Finance, Parenting September 15, 2016

Pinksourcing and parity

Ouch! This would be hysterical if it didn’t ring so painfully true! Some of its clever quips are rooted in too-true stereotypes, but some are indisputable: unequal pay and lack of unpaid maternity leave are the status quo. 

Career, Parenting July 11, 2016

Picking a lane

While pregnant, I’d heard that for a brief few months after becoming a parent, I might be in denial that anything had changed. And I found that to be true. However, that little while stretched into 2+ years.